An indispensable element of distribution logistics

ATcomp Packing Management is a solution aimed at trading companies and production plants where highly efficient distribution logistics plays a key role in business processes.

Based on their needs, we have developed a system whose task is to optimize the process of packing parcels. The applied solutions significantly reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the packing team.

This is especially important in the e-commerce market.

We live in a time when the e-commerce market and online shopping rapidly gain our trust, and the value of purchases made in Polish online stores exceeded PLN 100 billion in 2020.

According to Gemius Polska data from mid-2020, already 73% of internet users shop online and this value is constantly growing. It is forecasted that in the next 5 years, the e-commerce market will double its growth, reaching a value of PLN 200 billion.

We met the needs of the companies operating in this sales channel and developed the ATcomp Packing Management system, which will help you optimize the process of packing your parcels. The applied solutions will significantly improve the costs and efficiency of the packing team.

ATcomp Packing Management works with the most popular software available on the market:
• Comarch XL / Comarch Optima • Insert GT / Insert Nexo • Asseco Wapro • Sage Symfonia • SAP Business One • dowolnym opartym o relacyjne bazy danych

System description



Our system combines proprietary software optimizing the packaging process with an advanced hardware platform in the form of ATcomp SMART Display screens equipped with a reader system. Thanks to the unique combination of these components, we have created a comprehensive solution supporting work on the packaging line.

Based on the order number, the employees packing the parcel receive precise information about the items that should be included in the parcel. Then, based on the unique EAN numbers of products, they verify their number and completeness of the order. The entire process is recorded using an HD camera.

The central element of the system is the server with the administration panel. Its task is to aggregate data on the packaging process, that is: packing time, completeness of the shipment and video recording.

Using the advanced search engine available in the administration panel, the recordings can be easily found and presented as irrefutable evidence in a disputed situation with a customer or carrier.



The fundamental element of our system are intelligent ATcomp SMART Display screens equipped with a system of readers influencing the optimization of the packaging process and improvement of work ergonomics.

An additional advantage is the low energy consumption. The ATcomp Packing Management hardware solution uses 12 times less electricity than a traditional desktop computer, which translates into savings of over PLN 400 per year per position.


High-resolution HD cameras are an extremely important element of the system, precisely recording the packaging process so that there is no doubt as to its course.

Thanks to innovative technology, the method of saving and storing data allows quick and easy access to recordings from the level of an advanced search engine, which allows you to immediately find a recording of the packaging process of a specific package and make it available to interested persons.


The encrypted data collected in the packaging process is saved on a properly prepared server, located at the customer’s premises. All this to ensure the highest possible level of data security.



We deal with the integration of IT systems. We focus on the safety and comfort of our clients. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs, both in terms of software and hardware.
We pursue this goal in cooperation with the leader of the IT market, DELL EMC.


Verification of the completeness of the order

Precise information about the products to be packed

Work time registration

Detailed information about the active working time in the position

Printing waybills and ordering a carrier

Automation of the process of generating shipping documents

Monitoring the consumption of packaging materials

Automatic verification and support of the ordering process for cartons, tapes and packaging films

Handling complaints / returns

Unquestionable evidence in disputes in the form of a video recording


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I have to renew my license? Buy an upgrade?
What will we save on introducing this solution?

Savings will be visible on many levels. The packer will have instructions on what and how to pack, the procurement specialist will know what and when to order (e.g. cartons will be ordered automatically), the foreman will know how many employees he needs and how efficiently they work, the trader will know when and how the package will be shipped, the accountant knows the exact working time of employees (thanks to the card punching at the position), the financial analyst will have data to generate reports, and the director will easily monitor the quality of the packers’ work and use the reports ordered by him. All this generates huge savings.

What information about employees will I get thanks to the introduction of this solution?

Our application will help you get the information that the client will expect and in the form that is best for him. The employee starts packing by imprinting the card. This allows you to add up the daily time at the packing table. We see in what part of the day an employee packs the fastest, when he has the most work.
Our software allows you to track the working time, measure the efficiency of an employee, supervise the quality of his work, either through the packing instructions or by literally looking at the hands thanks to the camera system.

What information will I get from the ATcomp Pack reports?

ATCompPack will allow you to plan the occupancy of positions. The employee can see the number of packed packages on the monitor, the established standard, and can compare his performance with other people. For a new employee, the implementation will be easy and the process will be intuitive. Thanks to the pictorial information, he will know how to pack a given product.

The basic data is the number of packed packages, the time needed for it, the total or the selected position of the packer. The amount of materials used for packing per stand, packer, e.g. cardboard boxes. The data will help you assess the performance of the entire line or spot weaknesses, the report is continuous, which allows the line manager to react quickly.

What will the analysis of the data collected by the system look like?

The analysis is presented in the form of graphs, tables or an Excel file.

Can ATcomp Pack be helpful in monitoring the quantity of products in stock, and then in controlling order fulfillment?

YES, our solution combines a solution for a packaging line, and thanks to the integration of system databases – our module and the ERP program existing in the company, the option of automatic or for the approval of the warehouse worker, ordering the missing materials is available.

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